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Streamline your operations in the Retail, Footware & Apparel industry with FLEX PLM.

Implementation Consulting

Flex PLM is a Product Lifecycle Management tool from PTC company for Retail, Footwear, Apparel & Consumer product industry. It helps companies to streamline entire product development processes from Concept, Design to Store.

We help companies to address product or business challenges as mentioned below, through our Flex PLM implementation and consulting services by bringing innovation in product development process resulting in reduction in product lead time & development costs.

Few of the important challenges in the Industry are –

  • What is Flex Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail, Footwear & Apparel (RFA) Industry?
  • How it helps in product cycle time reduction?
  • Are you late in bringing you product in market & in time according to trend?
  • How season planning & calendar management
  • How Flex PLM improves internal & external collaboration?
  • How flex PLM connect Design, Merchandising, Sourcing, Sample Making. Quality, Product Costing team to improve internal collaboration & also vendors to improve external collaboration?
  • Are you still using Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF to create & manage Tech Packs & Merchandising, Line & Assortment Planning?
  • How do you manage Product/Style Specification?
  • How do you track product or style changes?
  • How do manage supplier & rate them according to their performance?

OST's partnership with Plural has extensive knowledge of retail industry and its experienced functional & technical consultant helped companies to overcome business challenges by bringing innovation resulting in reduction in product lead time & development costs.

Tailoring and Customization Service

OST`s partner Plural has good experience in PLM customization tailored according to the requirement of RFA (Retail, Footwear & Apparel) companies. OST in partnership with Plural team understands the core technical architecture of Flex PLM from the Client and server side, along with database technology aspects, a team of functional consultants & subject matter experts having implemented complex business processes across the industry so that the customer can have a clear visibility of the future roadmap of the project.

OST in partnership with Plural has the experience and industry expertise to help you create or modify products that perfectly fit your requirements.

Enterprise Integrations

System integration services connect Flex PLM to your other systems like ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, home grown legacy ERP system or any other configuration that contribute to you business success.

OST's partner Plural Team have implemented large integration projects where details not limited to Material data Product costing, Product Bill of Material (BOM) etc are pushed from PLM to ERP systems.

Flex PLM integration with well known design tool Adobe Illustrator enables designers in the Retail, Footwear, Apparel & Consumer goods industries to create product & product candidates in Flex PLM from within Adobe Illustrator. By having instant access to FlexPLM’s color and material libraries, designers can quickly create product ideas and “design cards” in FlexPLM. The result: companies can focus on design innovation and accelerate time-to-market as designers are able to take their design efficiency to an entirely new level.

Software Upgrade Services

Upgrading to latest software version gives access to latest & improved functionality, quality & scalability. OST in partnership with Plural experts will utilize best industry practices to bring new software up to date & integrated into your current environment with minimum risk.

Any software not catering to changing business needs does not have any value. It has to go through upgrades to either fix an existing issue or add new features that help the industry.

Companies too have their own unique business needs and changing processes that require frequent customization. The cost and complexity of upgrading usually is very high after you customize your PLM and leaves you fixed to an older version of the system, missing out on new enhancements.

OST's partner Plural team has extensive experience in best upgrade practices gained from previous customer upgrades and well knowledge of Flex PLM to help you to give seamless & efficient upgrade to newer version.

Data Migration Services

Data Migration from Old system to newly adopted system can be challenging and expensive. Data migration may impact business operations when it produces performance & compatibility issues. OST in partnership with Plural Technology team has expertise in standard and fully automated methods and are experienced who have carried out complex PLM projects with Flex PLM Data Migration.

Flex PLM Data Migration Approach

However, OST in partnership with Plural Technology provides an intuitive method/approach for migrating data by implementing right migration processes from source to target systems. We allow migration from legacy systems to Flex PLM or PTC PLM product suite. OST in partnership with Plural helps minimizing data migration issues by effective Planning, Technology, implementation, testing & Validation.

We create a migration notes that provides the infrastructure details and sources of data in legacy system. The UI/DB objects and attributes of legacy system are mapped appropriately with those in FLEX PLM. Any other steps like creating views to expose a particular data will also be mentioned. These are achieved through conducting various sessions with key stakeholders (Legacy system maintenance team and FLEX Product Owner).

During the over all process the team at OST and Plural Technology assures the Flex PLM Data Migration is implemented perfectly.

Tech Support Services

We believe in high customer satisfaction and success and hence focus on providing the best services through our support options.

Our help desk is proactive and caters to global clients providing 24*7 support over email, 24*5 over phone/meetings, response with a solution/suggestion/ within 24 hours

With us you get

Dedicated Support Personnel / On Demand Resources

Categorizing Issue on priority and resolution type

Level 1 : Identify , reproduce and log the problem; Create users, Add/update permissions, Identities management

Level 2 : Bug Fixes, Generate reports, Feature Requests, (convert to user stories based on business owner input

Level 3 : Architect/aras (new challenges)

Sub-Contractor Services

Plural’s Sub Contractor service can help organizations to manage their clients and projects by providing technical consulting. This can help reduce the costs and other associated overheads across diverse projects that companies have to regularly undertake.OST's partner Plural has worked extensively and collaborated with leading FLEX PLM implementation partners across the Globe. OST's partner Plural’s vast experience in handling and implementing complex projects have been highly appreciated by the end clients as well for providing a seamless integration to their existing workflow of business operations.

POST in partnership with plural would ensure the right mix of tech expertise, availability of support staff as per the unique business requirements that your company might have to successfully help you continue using FLEX PLM.