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ARAS PLM provides complete set of capabilities manage product development.

Implementation Consulting

Successfully implementing a PLM system helps to manage product data and automate business processes which enhances productivity and improve the quality of products and procedures and ultimately results into more new products, shorten time-to-market, reduced costs and marked increase in profits.

At whatever stage you are in your organization to take your Aras Innovator PLM Implementation to the next level, we, at OST in collaboration with Plural, are your trusted partners in that endeavor. OST's partner, Plural, has been engaged in implementing Aras Innovator PLM since 2007, for over a decade, and has successfully deployed PLM solutions to clients globally, with more than 30 Aras Innovator specialists readily available to support you.

Tailoring and Customizations

Unique Business Needs

ARAS PLM provides complete set of capabilities to manage product development.

Organizations have unique business processes and look for a PLM that can cater to all their needs.ARAS is flexible to extend/tailor the built in features and customise/build as required.

Additionally, upgrades remain straightforward and easy no matter the amount of customization.

Tailoring and Customization of Aras Innovator is very flexible and can make the vanilla flavored Aras Innovator software be turned into a solution that is customized to talk the language of your business and adapt business processes that are just right for your unique business. When tailored and customized correctly your PLM solution can win the support of more Users and Stakeholders to turn into a successful project producing the results that impact the bottom line positively and prove your ROI estimates correct.

OST's partner, Plural, has been successfully implementing Aras Innovator PLM solutions for over a decade now.

OST in partnership with Plural would be the best choice when you are deciding on a partner who could make your Aras Innovator PLM implementation plans a reality.

With expert Solution Architects, Project Managers, Senior PLM developers, Junior PLM developers, Enterprise Integration experts, Data Migration experts and Systems Administrators, you have the right support you need throughout your implementation project.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise -wide integrations are crucial for organizations in order to provide for a cross functional and multi-faceted data control & management and process synchronization capabilities. PLM systems need to be integrated with other important applications like CAD, CAM in order to fully utilize its potential and contribute to organizational growth , both vertically and horizontally.

If you are looking to integrate your Aras Innovator instance with other enterprise applications in your organization, including ERP, CRM, BPM, another PLM application, or a custom home-grown legacy system, then you are in the right place. OST's partner, Plural, brings over a decade of experience in implementing and integrating Aras Innovator with other Enterprise Applications.

Data Migration

Data, Data, Data and a new ARAS PLM!

Retiring a legacy PDM solution or requiring the movement of the critical documents/data from other legacy systems due to an acquisition or merger is not very easy. But it is never too complex when an appropriate migration strategy and a well documented plan is in place. Our team of expertise does it all for you with Aras Innovator Data Migration services.

What data can be migrated?

  • Documents
  • Drawings in original format and PDFs
  • Artwork
  • CAD models from a legacy PDM solution
  • Part & BOM Structure from ERP, Costing data from ERP
  • Creating relationships between Parts and Drawing, Parts and Artwork, Parts and Documents, Parts and CAD
  • Any library objects, Lists, Identities, Roles, teams, vendors, workflows, lifecycles, factories

What could be the usual challenges?

  • Data provided for migration not being recent. In other words, the legacy system undergo changes after data migration into ARAS is completed.
  • Files in legacy system might be locked and not easy to access them
  • No proper communication with data users
  • Data model of legacy system might be different from ARAS
  • Providing inappropriate references and relationships between CAD files/Parts or any two major items(Part/Document, Part/Artwork, Part/BOM Structure, Part/Drawing etc..)
  • Revision of Engineering Part from ERP not matching with the correct revision of CAD files
  • If the data is maintained on shared drive, there could be inconsistencies in file naming, multiple copies of the same file or assembly references to other files.

How much data can be migrated and how we do it?

Many companies have thousands or millions of documents, drawings, artwork, CAD models, parts and products. This is a challenge which we successfully and accurately implement with a devised plan using ETL(Extract, Transform and Load) approach. Because data is crucial it is expected to be secured all through the systems.

We create a migration notes that provides the infrastructure details and sources of data in legacy system. The UI/DB objects and attributes of legacy system are mapped appropriately with those in ARAS Innovator. Any other steps like creating views to expose a particular data will also be mentioned. These are achieved through conducting various sessions with key stakeholders (Legacy system maintenance team and ARAS Product Owner).

Aras Innovator Data migration plan/notes is the first stage we start with. Then we build executable that has the queries and load the data in sequential order. And the order goes as: Libraries, related data and then relationships into a staging server as per the steps given in the migration notes. This data on the staging is reviewed by customer and the issues are fixed prior to the final production migration.

Hence at each stage of Aras Innovator Data migration service our team makes sure the overall process is executed as desired.

Tech Support Services

We believe in high customer satisfaction and success and hence focus on providing the best services through our support options.

Our help desk is proactive and caters to global clients providing 24*7 support over email, 24*5 over phone/meetings, response with a solution/suggestion/ within 24 hours

With us you get

  • Dedicated Support Personnel / On Demand Resources
  • Categorising Issue on priority and resolution type

Level 1: Identify , reproduce and log the problem; Create users, Add/update permissions, Identities management

Level 2: Bug Fixes, Generate reports, Feature Requests, (convert to user stories based on business owner input

Level 3: Architect/aras (new challenges)

Sub-Contractor Services

Plural’s Sub Contractor service can help organizations to manage their clients and projects by providing technical consulting with OST and Plural Technology. This can help reduce the costs and other associated overheads across diverse projects. OST's partner Plural has already worked extensively and collaborated with leading ARAS implementation partners across the Globe. OST's partner Plural’s vast experience in handling and implementing complex projects have been highly appreciated by the end clients as well for providing a seamless workflow of business operations..

OST partnership with Plural would ensure the right mix of tech expertise, availability of support staff as per the unique business requirements that your company might have to successfully help you continue using ARAS PLM.