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Know how PTC's Windchill is helping organizations to leverage the power of collaboration.

Implementation Consulting

Integrating a PDM application with other ERP, CRM, BPM or other important business systems is essential for any business or a product development company. PTC Windchill is an excellent choice to enable a collaborative and real time product development process.

Windchill – How to Meet Your Company’s Business Requirements

What data and tasks must the Implementation include?

What are the areas of functionality that it includes?

What are the typical employee tasks?

What are your products?

What is the definition of a Part, a Document, etc. within your organization?

How are product changes handled?

Is there an existing PDM system that is handling the data to be managed by Windchill?

It is crucial to understand as to how the various departments within a product development company interact with each other, how data flows amongst them and how the data integrity is maintained. Roles, accesses and permissions is also an important decision that needs to be given to various users of the system.

OST in partnership with Plural Tech Advantage –

Help you plan your product information requirements.

Identify how Windchill may be most effectively utilized.

Plan Windchill implementation phases.

Implement and customize Windchill at your facility.

Provide training in all areas of implementation.

Tailoring and Customization Service

PLM applications are maturing day by day and becoming integral part of core IT systems of business along other systems like ERP , CRM etc.Though PLM applications are maturing and becoming more configurable there are many places where every organization has its own requirement where they would want to tweak PLM system functionalities , process , reports , look and feel , integrations with other systems according to their business needs. OST in partnership with Plural understands the importance this service need – which is important from organization’s point of view. OST in partnership with Plural solution architect and development team follows best practises of customization which are inline with PTC product roadmap. This enable customer to achieve their objective as well as its inline with PTC’sfuture product roadmap and technology so that it helps during upgrade of technology and product version.

The OST in partnership with Plural team understands the core technical architecture of PDMLink , ProjectLink , MPMLink , FlexPLM etc of PTC PLM suites from Client Side , Server Side and Database technology aspects. OST in partnership with Plural team follows various approaches based on client and project need and follow waterfall as well agile development methodologies while customizing PLM applications. Here at OST in partnership with Plural we understand the impact of lightweight as well as heavy customizations and provide correct recommendation to customer upfront so that customer can have clear visibility on future roadmap of PLM product.

Software Upgrade Services

Software Upgrade – Key Challenges

  1. How to export the data from existing systems to a new one without losing explicit and implicit product data information built over the years ?
  2. How to re-skill the users of the new system to have minimum cost and work related disruptions ?

Software Upgrade – Risks and Mitigation

  1. An important consideration as the system down time needs to be minimum.
  2. A Thorough testing of the upgraded data for consumption and performance during test runs
  3. The upgraded system needs to be at par with the system it replaces along with data integrity being maintained
  4. User needs to quickly adapt to the new system and should be productive

OST in partner with Plural Advantage :

  • Vast experience in Upgrade.
  • Proven Processes & Methodologies for Upgrade and Migration with added Offshore Advantage
  • Low risk upgrade – experience in helping companies carry successful migrations.
  • Expert upgrade consultants with comprehensive expertise in technology and deployment. Expertise of various Migration/Upgrades strategies
  • Minimum System Downtime
  • Lesser overhead to the client
  • Cross PLM System knowledge

Data Migration Services

Data Migration for any business entity can be an important decision to make due to various reasons. Mergers & Acquisitions, replacing a legacy system or due to other environmental reasons, businesses have to have a strategic roadmap for data migration.

Data migration requires a very good understanding of the existing systems or old legacy systems and a well defined scope for the migration. OST in partnership with Plural Technology has the expertise required to offer businesses the roadmap for such an important effort. Deciding on the best approach for the migration process is essential. Various methodologies are present which should be carefully analyzed and selected. For example whether to use a standard methodology or Extractor and Loaders or the use of a hybrid methodology for Data Migration effort is a careful decision impacting the costs, effort and the scope of the migration process.

OST in partnership with Plural Technology helps you in efficient data migration with Windchill Data Migration.

Tech Support Services

The Support Services forms the crux of any business entity’s successful operations. Dependence on IT in everyday business operations mandates that the businesses carefully plans their support services in order to be available and functioning in a 24X7 global environment. Changing Customer priorities, adapting to changing business requirements and the need for methodologies, standards, procedures and tools makes the software support services crucial in today’s business domain. OST in partnership with Plural Tech has the expertise required to help businesses ramp up their support infrastructure by providing the services which makes a marked difference in their efficiency and operations. With the Change Management, Version Control and Incident management being at the core of the support model. OST in partnership with Plural provides comprehensive support packages for businesses to choose from.

Sub-Contractor Services

Plural’s Sub Contractor service can help organizations to manage their clients and projects by providing technical consulting with OST and Plural Technology. This can help reduce the costs and other associated overheads across diverse projects. OST's partner Plural has already worked extensively and collaborated with leading ARAS implementation partners across the Globe. OST's partner Plural’s vast experience in handling and implementing complex projects have been highly appreciated by the end clients as well for providing a seamless workflow of business operations..

OST in partnership with Plural would ensure the right mix of tech expertise, availability of support staff as per the unique business requirements that your company might have to successfully help you continue using ARAS PLM.