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ITS Development

We aim to improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the environment using cutting-edge electronics technology by treating people, roads and vehicles as a single unit. We also propose solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as connectivity and autonomous driving.

  • Traffic Control System
  • Road Information Board System
  • Roadside station System
  • Web System for Corporate foundation
  • Environmental probe MCOS system
  • Eco-Route Map
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Information Grand Voyage Project (DLR)
  • Traffic information display system for car navigation (route search)
  • Disaster and event information for the VICS Center Sophistication of simple graphic content
  • Probe traffic information generation processing cloud implementation
  • GW driving support system
  • Big data M2M platform system
  • Police wireless system

Mobile Development

Mobile that makes the system more familiar. We develop and provide technical support for mobile services on various platforms such as Iphone, Ipad and Android.

  • EEG detection game app for entertainment agencies (iphone/iPad)
  • Oyako game app for educational publishers(iPhone/Android)
  • FuwaFuwa game(iPhone/Android)
  • Paint puzzle app(iPhone/Android)
  • Squadron Battle game(iPhone/Android)
  • Public transportation utilization promotion app(iPhone/Android)
  • Sekai app(iPhone/Android)
  • 3D modeling sound game app (iPhone/Android)
  • Amusement smartphone app (Android)
  • Haiku app(iPhone/Android)
  • Video app for carriers(iPhone/Android)
  • English teaching app for clothing manufactures(iPhone/iPad)
  • Fitness app(iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • Sleep monitor app(iPhone/Android)
  • IoT gymnasium (basketball formation design & trajectory display)(Android)
  • E-book viewer(iPhone/iPad)
  • Ubiquitous terminal system(Android)
  • GPS Chat server(Android)
  • Virtual POS cash register app for the restaurant industry(Android)
  • Promotional content distribution app for the restaurant industry(Android)
--------Mobile terminal
  • Mobile phone app
  • i-mode browser

Enterprise development

We effectively develop highly reliable functions such as enterprise core system, business system, manufacturing, sales, distribution, public system, medical system and information system that support social infrastructure.

--------Manufacturing Industry
  • Web system for automobile manufactures (dealers, inventory management, production management, etc)
  • Export system, Raw Preparation system
  • Accounting system for design manufactures
  • Development of sales support tools for the manufacturing industry
  • Production control system for building material manufacturers
  • Groupware system development for machine tool manufacturers
  • Risk assessment management system for medical robots
  • Collision test software development
  • Development of text file editing tools for machine tool manufacturers
  • Generator test software
  • Test management software
  • CAD plug-in development
  • BREW application registration web system for mobile carriers
  • System reconstruction for distribution industry
  • System reconstruction for beverage manufacture
  • Manufacturer portal site for consumer system
  • Merchandise management system for major sports shop
  • Mobile shop sales management web system
  • Web system for ASP for restaurant industry
  • Fare management system for bus companies
  • Voltage measurement result summary system
  • Wind distribution map reference system
  • Dam management system
  • Construction work management system for railways
  • Steady state monitoring system for railways
--------Medical system
  • Laboratory test report viewing system for university hospitals
  • Respiratory examination data retrieval statistics system
  • Ophthalmology diagnosis support system

Embedded Development

We introduce the latest technology, carry out planning and design development of products for specific applications, incorporate the cutting edge of dramatic technological innovation, and provide embedded solutions that look ahead to the future.

  • Building energy management system
  • Elevator control monitoring web system
  • Chip device driver development for smartphones
  • Image distribution on-demand system
  • Application development for head-mounted display
  • Sequencer CPU firmware development
  • NC microcomputer development
  • Development of displays for entertainment equipment
  • In-vehicle ECU development
  • Drive recorder development
  • Development of laser processing machines and laser markers