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The company name "Open Sesame" is known to everyone, "Open Sesame!".
There is a thought that "we will open your future with advanced technology".
In order to achieve that, it is necessary to always raise the spirit and actively adopt the latest technology.
For this reason, we are constantly working with our employees to create an environment where all employees can improve their skills.
People of different age, gender, educational background, nationality, and technicians gather together here.
It is this group of technicians who boldly challenge new technologies and make impossible possible.

Technical Strength


In recent years, AI has been applied in a wide range of fields.
It is actively used especially in the field of image processing.We have developed systems that recognize faces, people, objects, and quantities from photographs and camera images. Also developed systems that detects exterior and interior walls on drawings to support conduit design.
Currently, we are working on the theme of recognizing objects that are moving and developing functions to track people and objects and recognize their movements. Based on this, we are also working on prototype applications that can be operated by gestures.
In the future, we aim to challenge the fields of speech recognition and text processing.

  • OS:Linux、Windows
  • Language:python
  • Development environment:CUDA、Tensorflow、OpenCV、MediaPipe


In ITS-related areas, traffic control systems, etc. requested by government agencies cover a wide range of business areas. Also as a system configuration, from multiple Linux / UNIX machines and large scale databases, PCs for reference system HMI. A wide range of support is required, including embedded devices that control tablets, sensors and beacons.

  • OS:Unix、Linux、Windows、Android、 iOS
  • DB:Oracle、SQLserver、PostgreSQL、MySQL
  • Language:C/C++、Java、C#、VB.NET、ASP.NET、Pro*C、PL/SQL、PHP、Perl、Flash、etc


In mobile-related applications, development of smartphones and smartphones such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone etc.
Mainly, we have recently challenged the latest technology in developing games and so on. We have already started developing applications for VR headset Ocurus and wearable.

  • OS:Android、iOS、Windows embedded
  • DB:SQLite
  • Language:Java、Objective-C、C#、HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript、Ajax、JSON
  • Development environment:Unity、cocos2d-x、libGDX、OpenGL


We are planning to have develop business and system related software for manufacturing industry and non-manufacturing industry such as power system, medical system, etc.
We are developing face recognition systems. We have successfully developed a face recognition system for one of the applications in computer vision.

  • OS:Unix、Linux、Windows Server
  • DB:Oracle、SQLserver、DB2、PostgreSQL、MySQL、Netezza
  • Language:C/C++、Java、C#、VB.NET、ASP.NET、Pro*C、PL/SQL、PHP、Ruby、HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript、Ajax
  • Development environment:Struts、Seasar2、Spring、iBatis、EJB


We are developing embedded software and drives for chipsets such as smartphones and wearables, sequencers, etc.

  • OS:Linux Embedded、Windows Embedded、VxWorks、μiTRON
  • Language:C/C++、C#

Technology provided

Operation system
  • From Workstation of Windows to Server, .NET and WindowsCE etc.
  • UNIX-based OS such as Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX
  • Smartphone-based OS such as Android and iOS
  • Container orchestration system utilizing Kubernetes
  • Integration with many OSS including Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, OpenStack, MAAS, Terraform, Ansible, Kafka, Pulsar, Github, Gitlab, Concourse
  • Use external services such as GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, GoogleAnalytics, Backlog, Jira, Trello, etc.
  • Utilizing the latest web frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, Next.js, Nuxt.js
  • Cloud systems utilizing AWS (including Lambda, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, etc.), Azure, GCP
Development language
  • AI system development by machine learning using Tensorflow, Keras, Python
  • Face recognition system development by AI model + image processing of transfer learning which is one of deep learning using OpenCV
  • High precision system development using VGG16 or Openface etc. in transfer learning
  • Development of smafo ・ tablet system application using Android SDK, iOS SDK + Objective-C, Cordova, Unity, Swift, cocos2d-x, libGDX etc
  • Big data analysis such as Hadoop, MapReduce, CEP etc. and M2M base development
  • Gloogle API, OpenSocial API, Amazon API, Cloud-based development using Force.com and Apex of Salesforce
  • Development of Servlet, JSP, Application, Applet etc using Java Web development using frameworks such as Struts, Seasar2, Spring, iBatis
  • Web development by HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, FLASH, Ajax, PHP, Perl, etc.
  • Single page application development such as Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js
  • Server development by Ruby, Phyton, Go, Erlang, Kotlin, etc.
  • Development by .NET Framework such as C #, VB.NET, ASP.NET etc.
  • Development with any C language package such as C / C ++, VC ++, Borland C ++
  • Development with languages such as VB, VBA, Delphi
  • Large scale database by Oracle products in general
  • Large medium-sized database by SQL Server, DB2 etc.
  • Database by Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access etc.
  • DWH system using Netezza