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Open sesame Programmer Club

From January 2022, we have opened a programming school OPC (Open sesame Programmer Club).
As programming education has become compulsory in elementary schools. We have taken up the initiative to develop future super programmers by cultivating logical thinking ability,
spontaneous learning ability and acquiring practical level programming skills from younger ages.


"With your technology, open up the future"
- Open up your future with your Skills -


  • Let's teach the children who will be responsible for the future the joy of programming!
  • Let's build future super programmers!

Three goals

Logical thinking

Through programming learning, we cultivate the ability to always think of three things as a set: "question", "answer", and "why do you think so"

Spontaneous learning ability

Nurture your child's own desire to study programming.

Hands-on programming skills

Develop programming skills to a level where one can understand and actually write code.


First of all, we are starting with the "Game Production Beginner Course".
Using a free game development engine called "Phaser3" as a teaching material,
You will learn the Javascript language and create your own game.

Currently, we are conducting two-hour online classes twice a month for children in the third grade of elementary school and above. We are flexible with the number of classes and class schedule.

The current course fee structure is as follows. (As of October 2022)

Course name
Game Development beginner course
Admission fee
20,000 yen (tax included)
Tuition fee
16,000 yen (tax included) / month
*Held twice a month for 2 hours each time

In the future, we plan to gradually expand the following courses (in the pipeline).
"Game Development Advanced Course"
"Mobile application development course"
"VR production course with Unity"

If you know a child who would like to participate, please let us know.
Interested adults can also contact us from our website.