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Mid-career recruitment

We are actively engaged in mid-career recruitment.
Please apply using the recruitment form below.
◆Entry from

Currently, we are recruiting on the site of AirWork Recruitment Management for career change professionals.

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Please apply to consider!

new graduates recruitment

Recruitment of new graduates in 2023 has started on Rikunabi 2023.

 Rikunabi 2023
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It is intended for students of universities, graduate schools, junior colleges and vocational
schools who are expected to graduate in March 2023.
All genders, majors and age are eligible to apply. Recent graduates are also very much
welcome to apply.

If you are a person who enjoys computer and programming, recently Smartphone, SNS,
games etc.We look forward for your application.
The number of new graduates recruited in 2023 will be 10~15 people, but if you are an excellent
candidate, we will consider to expand the hiring limit.

◆ Company information session

We are holding a company briefing session from March 2022.
Click here for details of the Nagoya / Tokyo joint web briefing session!
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