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Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Policy on Information Security

Open sesame Technology, Inc. (referred to as "the Company" below ) is committed to providing high-level systems and services that satisfy customers in terms of technology, quality, and reliability.

To achieve this, we have established the following Basic Policy on Information Security to protect our customers' and internal systems, data, and other information assets from all threats, and the entire company is committed to continuously maintaining and improving information security so that we can always earn the trust of society.


  1. Applies to information assets related to business activities.Information assets refer to important information (documents, data, systems, etc.)
    for design, development, sales, and other business operations.
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning information security, guidelines set by the government, and contractual security obligations with our customers.
  3. We will establish an information security management system and implement unified information security management as an organization.
  4. We identify information security risks and implement appropriate organizational, physical, human, and technical measures.
  5. We will regularly provide training and education on information security to ensure that all employees are able to perform their duties with information security literacy.
  6. We will conduct regular audits of our information security management system and initiatives. We will continue to improve and
    review our information security management system.

Establishment date December 20, 2011
Open sesame Technology,Inc
President : Shinobu Morioka