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オープンセサミ = 開けゴマ!

We will open up your future with advanced technology.
Open Sesame = "Open Sesame!" We will open up your future with advanced technology.

Action standard

All employees will continue to grow together, contribute to the evolution and development of the company, we aim to be a company that can contribute to customers and society.
Always high antenna
  • In the computer industry with fierce technological innovation, it is necessary to constantly evolve and keep an eye on the upcoming trends, by proposing a solution that incorporates the latest technology and to provide reliable service.
  • To create and build a system that best fits your needs. Our service focuses on the needs of the customer from the seeds and examine the possibilities from all angles.
Smile and impress your customers
  • The most important point in providing services is customer satisfaction.Customer satisfaction includes operability, availability, reliability, cost performance, andvarious factors. Only by meeting these factors can you gain customer trust. There is no continuous order without trust.
  • By building high relationships of trust with customers, work continues and so do funds. Hence, leading to technological improvement and creativity.
Forever growing company
  • Efforts to absorb high technological ability, and never spare any effort to improve customer satisfaction attitude. It is a way to evolve and evolve, and the only way for a company to surviv
  • OST aims to be a company that is fulfilling social responsibility and acting with the highest priority on social contribution.
A company that makes its Employees happy
  • Employees have trust and respect for each other. We create an energetic workplace that gives employees a smile not only for them at workplace, but also for their families.
  • OST aims to be a company that can make its customers and employees happy