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To make your dreams come true Let's innovate!

【Business activities】

Open sesame Technology is developing its main businesses, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) related business and mobile application related business.
ITS is a system for communicating between people, roads, and cars, and solving various problems such as accidents, traffic jams, and environmental measures that road traffic by utilizing the latest information communication and control technology, and social infrastructure.
We are creating projects to support new industries and markets.In the "era of once-in-a-century revolution", the automobile industry has been reorganized, shifting from engines to EVs, accelerating connections and autonomous driving.
It has become an era in which automobile manufacturers and IT companies compete.To achieve sustainable mobile society there is shift in from the era of owning automobiles to the era of sharing automobiles. Recently, research and development of flying cars is trending and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is committed towards commercializing in 2023.
In mobile terminals, from smartphones and tablets to smart glasses in the wearable area, we are making further progress.We are one of the first company to participate in the development of these mobile apps in the Tokai area (Nagoya).
We have commercialized a large number of games and ebook viewers for our customers.In future, we aim to provide solutions incorporating AR / VR and AI.Furthermore, from enterprise development targeting a wide range of information systems that support corporate backbone systems, business systems, manufacturing industries, sales, distribution, public systems, medical systems, and social infrastructure, as well as chipsets and device drivers for mobile terminals, etc.
We aim to provide future-oriented IoT solutions such as sequencer firmware and embedded development of NC microcomputers.


We support the SDGs "Sustainable Development Goals" and include all efforts to achieve the SDGs.
Our prime focus is on two themes, "Health management" and "Diversity," as activities to shape a sustainable society.

【Health management】

OST has been certified as an "excellent corporation for health management" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry from 2018 to 2021 for four consecutive years.
The participation rate of employee trips is 80%, participation in relay marathons, and awards for working hard at exercise are highly evaluated.

【Work-life balance】

We are implementing the following measures as a work-life balance initiative.

  • Diverse work styles ⇒ Work styles in Corona (shorter working hours, telework, slide work, local migration, etc.)
  • Setting a scheduled leave date
  • Active use of flextime system
  • Setting paid incentive dates
  • Reduction of working hours ⇒ Average monthly overtime hours 9.16H (results for the fiscal year ended September 2020)
  • Promotion of taking leave ⇒ Average annual paid days taken 9.19 days (results for the fiscal year ended September 2020)
  • Promotion of taking childcare and nursing care leave
  • Utilization of mentor system
  • Awards and Acknowledgements
  • Certified as a "Nagoya work-life balance practice company"
  • Certified as a "family friendly company" in Aichi Prefecture

We are implementing the following measures as a diversity initiative.

  • Recruitment of foreigners ⇒ South Korea : 4, China : 1, India : 1, Mongolia : 1
  • Promotion of women's advancement ⇒ Appointment of female leaders, female ratio exceeds 20%
  • Employment of the elderly ⇒ Established a part-time work rule based on the mandatory retirement age
  • Employment of persons with disabilities ⇒ Employment of persons with disabilities at employment transition support offices
  • Registration of "subsidy to support balancing work and childcare" ⇒ Submit "General Employer Action Plan" as the following target item to the Labor Bureau and obtain Kurumin certification
  • Goal 1: Regarding prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, and child care leave, make the company aware that there is a system and deepen the understanding of the contents of the system.
  • Goal 2: Hold a "Children's Visit Day" where the child of the worker can actually observe the place where the guardian is working.

At present, contract work accounts for 100% (60% trustee agreement, 40% contract).In the future, we will carry out in-house planning and development to establish an original brand.
In order to discover ideas for our own products, we hold Ideathons on a company-wide basis on a regular basis.
We will identify social issues that have not surfaced and give shape to ideas.With the keyword of social contribution, we will release services that can be social infrastructure.

Let's Innovate !!!!

CEOShinobu Morioka